What we do and how we do it

Insta360  Pro 2 Camera


Bubble Image Ltd is an Essex based company that produces Panoramic Video and Photography for Business using the cutting-edge camera technology and software.

Panoramic videos give a unique perspective on the world and give the viewer detailed 360 degree view of surroundings. This is combined with the Ambisonic audio to create a vivid audio surrounding to go with the panoramic video.

Bubble Image Ltd is a small but expert technical team that can  shoot panoramic video and photos at a fraction of the cost of an  agency.

Google Street View Picture

 We use an Insta360 Pro 2 camera.

 The Insta360  Pro2 camera is capable of recording video  at Ultra Ultra HD resolution. Sound is also recorded in Ambisonic  environment for truly captivating surround-sound audio. 

Video and photos are  captured in super-high resolution format for stunning quality images. Great for Panoramic video and Google Street View for Businesses. They are captured in HDR format which allows for a very large exposure range in the picture which is fantastic for bringing out detail in windows and darker areas of a picture. 

See below:

360 Photo of living room

360° photo of a living room with both bright and dark areas

Notice above the detail in the bright window region to the right and but also the hallway outside the door to the left which is very dark in comparison. Due to HDR photography on the Insta360 Pro 2 camera, detail is still preserved in both areas of the picture. The tripod which holds up the camera has also been removed from the floor using Photoshop 3D techniques. Pictures can then be inserted into a Virtual Tour online and uploaded to a website.

Stephen sadler, director


Stephen has worked the majority of his career in TV directing and producing.

He has shot videos all over the world including the Amazon and the Namib desert in Africa. He has directed Sky News and has an extensive technical background. He also has a background in computing and uses the latest cutting-edge software and camera and sound technology to create immersive experiences in Video and photography.