Panoramic video


Panoramic videos, also known as 360-degree or spherical videos, are videos that record a view in every direction at the same time. They are shot using a Virtual Reality camera. We use an Insta360 Pro 2 camera for superb quality images and sound. During playback on normal flat screen like a computer or mobile phone device, the viewer has control of the viewing direction like a 360 degree sphere. 

The Benefits of Panoramic video


There are clear benefits of Panoramic video content when including it in your marketing campaign. It encourages engagement and as such has over 3 times the conversion rate of traditional video content and a 30% higher repeated view rate. It’s clear that your audience is likely to respond better to your marketing efforts if they have immersive, Panoramic video content to interact with.

Interactive & Immersive. As the video plays, watch the images come alive.

Panoramic or 360° videos are perfect for highlighting your business or premises such as:

  1. Hospices and Care Homes
  2. Wedding venues, Conference venues, Exhibition venues, Hotels
  3. Golf courses, Football stadia, Cricket grounds
  4. Hospitality & Restaurants 


Here’s a great example.  Turn your device or drag your finger to move around within the video and explore every angle. 

Spherical Video with Ambisonic audio

Use your mouse or finger on a mobile phone to move around the space and hear how the audio moves as you change your angle of viewing.