Virtual reality offers you the opportunity to provide clients with a fully immersive walk around experience which lets them view your designs in 3D space as if they were already built. The virtual reality representations are 1:1-scale, 3D (BIM) models which provide an incredibly accurate sense of presence in a space that’s yet to be built. Feedback from the client can be provided in real time via casting to a tablet so that the architect can view what the client is experiencing.

   Our Virtual Reality service will not only show your clients what your final design will look like – it will put you right in the middle of it.

It’s all about visualisation

We import your design into special software to make a 3D representation inside an Oculus Quest VR Headset. The beauty of an Oculus Quest headset, as opposed to many previous versions is that it does not need to be tethered via a cable to a very high-end computer with a powerful graphics card.

The Quest is a standalone headset that lets the user view the model as if they were inside your design. The viewer can Teleport or walk around your design and whilst doing this, what the customer is seeing can be broadcast to a Tablet so that feedback can be precise and understood from the client. Teleportation or walking inside virtual reality also means that the viewer does not experience motion sickness. All that is needed is a minimum indoors 2 metre by 2 metre space – a larger indoor space means that the client can walk further around the design. Best of all, the Oculus Quest VR Headset has 6 degrees of Freedom which means that the viewer can kneel down or crane up or look outside windows or around corners.

We take your designs (BIM data) as an IFC file. IFC files export easily from any 3D BIM & CAD software such as Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp etc. The IFC design is then loaded into the system where each component can be identified by name or structure type or even fire rating. From your design, we light the model and optimise it for use on an VR Oculus Quest Headset.

Virtual reality has the potential to transform how clients experience the proposed concepts


Prices start from £1500 including one demonstration with a client. We do not charge for VAT.

Video Fly-throughs


From your designs, we can also make a flythrough video to your specifications. Moving or static people can be added for realism.

Prices start from £1000. We do not charge for VAT.

Please call or email for a quote.